iPhone 13 Used or Refurbished Price in India

by Rishab Bruno
iPhone 13 Used or Refurbished Price in India


The price of used or refurbished iPhone 13 in India ranges from 45000 INR to 69000 INR. In India, the market for used and refurbished smartphones is thriving, offering an affordable pathway to owning high-end devices. This blog will guide you through the various factors influencing the price of a used or refurbished iPhone 13, prices in different marketplaces, prices based on condition and storage capacity of iPhone 13.

Factors Influencing the Price of Used and Refurbished iPhone 13

The cost of a used or refurbished iPhone 13 in India is influenced by several factors:

Storage capacity, cosmetic condition, functionality, and model release date. The model comes in three storage capacities: 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB with price increasing alongside storage, which allows for more apps, photos, and data storage. The phone's cosmetic condition, graded as 'Open Box', 'Superb', 'Good', and 'Average' also impacts the price, with better conditions commanding higher prices. Functionality plays a significant role; a fully operational iPhone 13 is more valuable than one with defective components. Lastly, as new iPhone models are released, older ones, including the iPhone 13, depreciate, thus influencing the current market price.

Price Variation by Cosmetic Condition and Storage Capacity

This table provides a ballpark estimate of the prices you might expect based on cosmetic condition and storage capacity:

iPhone 13 General Price range in India

iPhone 13 Price based on Storage Capacity and Condition
Open Box
50000 INR
48000 INR
47000 INR
45000 INR
59000 INR
57000 INR
54000 INR
51000 INR
69000 INR
67000 INR
65000 INR
64000 INR

Please note that these are approximate values and actual prices may vary.

Price Range in Different Online Marketplaces

Different online marketplaces can have varying price ranges for the same product. Here's a brief overview of the most popular ones:

1. OLX: Olx is an online marketplace where users sell their used devices directly to buyers. The prices for used and refurbished iPhone models are quite competitive here, thanks to the vast number of sellers. However, be careful and check the device thoroughly as there is no warranty and no diagnostics/ quality test which are performed on this device.

iPhone 13 price range in OLX:

iPhone 13 128 GB : 30000 INR to 68000 INR
iPhone 13 256 GB : 34000 INR to 76000 INR
iPhone 13 512 GB : 37000 INR to 85000 INR

2. Cashify: An ideal portal if you're looking for refurbished smartphones. They also offer a 6-month warranty for all refurbished devices, which could be a reassuring feature for many buyers.

iPhone 13 price range in Cashify:

iPhone 13 128 GB : 46000 INR to 50000 INR
iPhone 13 256 GB : 52000 INR to 58000 INR
iPhone 13 512 GB : 63000 INR to 67000 INR

3. iRefurbish: iRefurbish is an environmentally conscious product lifecycle management company. Where in each and every devices it's customers purchase from iRefurbish undergoes 35+ Quality Checks and the certificates were also made available to the customers. Also it comes with 6 Months Warranty and Free Shipping across India.

iPhone 13 price range in iRefurbish:

iPhone 13 128 GB : 44000 INR to 47500 INR
iPhone 13 256 GB : 50000 INR to 56000 INR
iPhone 13 512 GB : 61500 INR to 64500 INR

Tips for Buying a Used or Refurbished iPhone 13

  • When buying a used or refurbished iPhone 13, ensure you check the cosmetic condition and verify all the functionality.
  • Consider your storage needs and budget before deciding on a particular option.
  • Lastly, don't forget to compare prices on different online marketplaces to secure the best deal.


In conclusion, while the price of a used or refurbished iPhone 13 in India can vary based on several factors, doing your research can land you a great deal. Remember to assess all aspects of the phone before making a purchase, and you may end up with a high-end device at a fraction of its original cost. Happy shopping!